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At the law firm of Mark C. Tanenbaum, P.A., we have earned a reputation across South Carolina and throughout the country as trial lawyers who never waver. We work aggressively to defend the rights of injured people against insurance companies, motor vehicle manufacturers, product manufacturers, commercial property owners and reckless drivers.

Protecting The Rights Of South Carolina Personal Injury Victims And Their Families

As a well-established personal injury law firm, we are able to devote the financial resources necessary to resolve the most complex personal injury cases. Contact us today to discuss your legal needs with a Charleston personal injury lawyer. We offer free initial consultations.

Experienced Representation In Serious Injury Or Fatal Accident Claims

Our lawyers have a broad skill set that we use when representing clients who have been injured by nearly any kind of negligent or reckless act. The types of cases we handle include:

  • Motor vehicle collisions: Our law firm has the experience and skill you need to recover the compensation you will need now and going forward. Whether you were involved in a car, truck, motorcycle, bike or other type of accident, you can depend on us to fully investigate the accident and do everything possible to reach a positive outcome.
  • Workplace accidents: If you were in a construction or industrial accident, you may be eligible to recover more than just workers’ compensation. Our team has a legacy of success protecting the rights of working men and women who have sustained serious workplace injuries.
  • Nursing home neglect and abuse: When someone you love goes to a nursing home, you trust this facility will treat your loved one with dignity. When they breach this trust, they must be held accountable.
  • Injuries on another’s property: Property owners have the duty to create a safe environment. When they fail, injured parties have the right to recover damages. We provide tough representation in these cases.
  • Defective products cases: When companies design or manufacture a defective product, or fail to warn users about dangers, the results can be tragic. If you were injured, our team is ready to take decisive action on your behalf.
  • Medical malpractice claims: When doctors, nurses or other medical professionals make mistakes, it can mean the difference between life and death. Our team works with medical and scientific experts to prove medical malpractice.

Many of our cases involve helping people who have suffered catastrophic, life-altering injuries or the loss of loved one. We understand just how high the stakes are in these cases, and are fully invested in our clients’ success.

Since 1973, attorney Mark C. Tanenbaum has developed a team of personal injury litigators dedicated to obtaining compensation at trial. With a network of scientific professionals, medical experts and private investigators, we compile all the facts of each case, presenting them at trial in a clear, convincing manner. In addition to our personal injury practice, we also take on consumer protection and insurance bad faith claims. Whatever the case involves, you can be confident in our abilities.

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