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Penetrating Brain Injuries

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Penetrating Brain Injury Lawyer In Charleston, SC

A penetrating brain injury, also known as an open head injury, results when an object or a force penetrates the skull, breaking it and entering the brain. Whether the injury was caused by an object (such as a weapon or piece of the skull) or the force of an accident on the head, an open head injury can lead to bleeding and/or swelling in the head, causing cell death and oxygen deprivation.

If you or a loved one has sustained a serious open head injury in a car accident, a fall or other type of accident that was the result of someone else’s negligence, we can help. At the Law Office of Mark C. Tanenbaum, P.A., our lawyers are committed to helping clients deal with the aftermath of a penetrating brain injury. We strive to provide clients with information on their options, as well as long-term care plans. Contact us today to discuss your questions or concerns about penetrating head injuries.

Open Head Wound Infections

Not only are penetrating brain injuries dangerous because of the direct injury to the brain, but they are also serious due to the high risk of infection at the site of injury. After they have become injured, the skull and surrounding cranial tissues cannot fully protect the brain from the outside world. Meningitis, a very dangerous infection that can lead to further brain damage and additional swelling, can occur in open head wounds. This may leave a victim with more permanent injuries and disabilities.

Living With a Penetrating Brain Injury

Many open head injuries result in long-term damage to the victim. He or she may struggle with daily tasks and require a great deal of life accommodations in order to function as normally as possible. Future medical costs may be a factor to consider when filing a personal injury lawsuit, as well as the potential for being out of work for the remainder of their lives. However, victims do live full, happy lives with the help of caregivers and medical professionals. We are dedicated to helping clients and their families get the compensation they deserve so they can move on with their lives.

Having successfully represented clients facing all types of life-changing injuries, we understand how to develop the evidence and create a strong case that gives our clients every opportunity for success. We are invested in our clients’ success each step of the way.

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