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Brain Injury

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Brain Injury Lawyer In Charleston, SC

The law office of Mark C. Tanenbaum, P.A., is a premier South Carolina firm handling cases involving catastrophic personal injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Our skilled Charleston attorneys have helped severe brain injury victims and families recover the significant financial resources they need to properly treat and live with such a serious condition.

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Understanding Brain Injuries

Because no one can predict or plan for a life-altering brain injury, most people do not have the resources required to pursue a normal life afterwards. Our experienced TBI lawyers understand the challenges you face. We also know that you are likely to need enormous financial resources to overcome those challenges.

As with every severe injury case we accept, we will prepare your case and aggressively negotiate to settle before trial to help ensure that you and your family not only find justice, but also the money you require to move forward with life. If your world was turned upside down by someone else’s negligence, trust our Charleston lawyers to help hold the careless party accountable for full and fair compensation. If your case does not settle, we will be ready to fight for you at trial with all the tools necessary: courtroom skills, expert witnesses and the latest technology for use in jury persuasion.

We Provide Resources For Brain Injury Victims

From conducting thorough investigations to consulting with brain injury specialists and working with life-care planning experts, our firm provides the professional resources necessary to build and present an effective case. Whether you have suffered a closed head injury or an injury that penetrated your brain, our firm is here for you.

We handle TBIs and other brain damage caused by:

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