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Product Liability Lawyer In Charleston, SC

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All US manufacturers must follow product design, production, and function safety regulations. When a consumer is injured by a defective or poorly designed product, the manufacturer, retailer, or designer could be found liable in a product liability lawsuit.

The Charleston product liability lawyers at Mark Tanenbaum’s office have decades of experience holding negligent product manufacturers responsible for injuring their customers. Learn more about South Carolina product liability claims, then contact one of our skilled Charleston lawyers to find out how financial justice could be yours soon.

In South Carolina, product liability claims can be filed under several legal theories. They are:

Also, there are several ways that an injured consumer can file a product liability action because of a defective product:

What are Some Defective Product Lawsuit Damages?

If you are injured by a defective product in South Carolina, you could receive some or all of these damages:

How Can Our Charleston Product Liability Lawyers Fight For Your Rights?

A defective or faulty product can severely injure or even kill consumers. If you’ve been hurt by one of these products, the manufacturer, designer, or retailer could be responsible for your injuries and damages.

However, the at-fault company will probably not cough up money without a fight. That’s where our Charleston product liability lawyers at l Mark Tanenbaum’s office come into play. Our lawyers will fight for maximum compensation for your medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

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