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Inadequate Security

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Inadequate Security Lawyer In Charleston, SC

You should not have to fear for your safety when visiting a store, hospital, mall or other public place. Businesses and property owners have a legal duty to ensure that the premises are reasonably safe. This duty includes providing adequate security measures.

If you suffered an attack, assault, robbery or injuries as a result of inadequate security, contact the personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Mark C. Tanenbaum, P.A., in Charleston, South Carolina. Our lawyers have more than 100 years of collective experience. We are aggressive litigators who are dedicated to defending injury victims’ rights.

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Uncovering Security Deficiencies

Malls, grocery stores, parking lots and parking ramps are often targets for thieves and criminals. Insufficient security measures can lead to an increased risk of patrons being attacked. In your case, we will undertake a thorough investigation to determine what security measures should have been provided such as:

In some cases, the property owner may have implemented some of those measures but failed to properly maintain them. For example, when broken windows or weak locks are left unremedied, it can provide an easy entrance for those seeking to inflict harm.

Making a Difference by Obtaining Successful Outcomes

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling inadequate security cases. For example, we recently obtained a successful outcome for a client who suffered a tragic assault as a patient at a health care facility. Our investigation revealed that the facility’s locks, security cameras and lighting were all deficient. Our work on behalf of this client brought about a positive change in the facility’s security measures.

We will work equally hard to uncover the factors that contributed to your attack. Our attorneys and staff are detail-oriented. We understand what to look for in these types of cases, and we understand what the jury needs to hear. Our goal is to help you leave our office in a much better state than when you arrived.

Victim of Security Negligence in an Unsafe Parking Lot or Other Public Place?

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