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Support And Advocacy After A Semi Truck Accident

We at the Law Office of Mark C. Tanenbaum, P.A., take semi truck accident cases very seriously. Our firm handles not only trucking accident matters, but a wide range of personal injury cases. We work hard to protect the rights of our injured clients to the best of our abilities.

Trucking accidents are unlike other types of motor vehicle accident claims. After a truck accident, it is crucial that your lawyer has the resources to fully develop the evidence and prepare a powerful claim for all of your damages. At our Charleston office, our lawyers and staff have access to a network of resources. These resources are used throughout the course of your semi truck accident case in order to aid us in all facets of your case, including investigation and evidence gathering.

An Example Of Our Work In Truck Accidents

As an example of our representation, we filed suit on behalf of a Charleston County man who suffered serious and disabling injuries in a 1998 wreck with a tractor trailer. The only eyewitness who could testify was the driver of the semi who claimed our client crossed the centerline. In our immediate investigation, we brought an expert accident reconstructionist to the scene. A skilled investigator canvassed the area for additional witnesses. Using the latest computer technology, our legal team could clearly demonstrate to the jury that the tractor trailer driver’s account of the accident could not be accurate. We proved the 18-wheeler crossed the line and recovered a multimillion-dollar verdict for our client.

Taking On The Full Range Of Truck Accident Claims

Our lawyers are skilled at examining and handling all possible causes of trucking accidents and all types of trucking accidents, including:

There are a great number of federal and state regulations that apply to the trucking industry and truck drivers; we are well versed with all the statutes and regulations, and understand how courts and administrative agencies interpret them. Our attorneys put that knowledge to work for you when dealing with a death or injury lawsuit resulting from a semi truck crash.

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