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Our nation depends on the trucking industry for much of its commerce. Unfortunately, the large number of tractor-trailers on our highways in South Carolina cause far too many serious and fatal accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that more than 5,000 people die in truck accidents annually, and many thousands more are injured. Most of the dead and injured are in smaller passenger vehicles, and this trend seems to be on the upswing as truck drivers are pressured to make their deliveries as fast as possible, regardless of safety risks.

Below, learn about South Carolina truck accidents and what you can do to receive compensation if a trucker’s negligence injured you. Have questions? You can get the answers quickly by speaking to our Charleston truck accident Lawyers at The Mark C. Tanenbaum, PA. Our Lawyers have a strong record of holding truckers and their employers accountable for their negligence, including a recent $7 million truck accident settlement.

What Are Common Causes Of Truck Accidents?

If a truck hit you on a South Carolina roadway, you may not know why the accident happened. Suddenly, you could find your vehicle crumpled around you, and the shock makes rational thought impossible. Our Charleston truck accident Lawyers can investigate your accident immediately and get to the bottom of it. If any of the following causes were involved, we will fight hard for compensation for your injuries and losses:

Fatigued Driving

Truckers work long, hard hours behind the wheel and may need to drive at night and sleep during the day. Working the night shift puts them at a higher risk of falling asleep when driving. That is always dangerous but imagine if the fatigued driver is a trucker with an 80,000-pound load! The results can be catastrophic. Some truckers and their employers regularly violate hours-of-service rules and could be liable if fatigued driving leads to a truck accident.

Distracted Driving

Truckers who are not entirely focused on the road can cause a serious truck accident. Common distractions for truck drivers that can lead to disaster include texting and driving, talking on a cell phone, adjusting the radio or GPS, eating and drinking, and grooming.


Any driver who speeds is a danger to others, but a speeding truck can cause a horrific crash that destroys smaller vehicles, leaving their occupants severely injured or dead.

How Do You Prove a Truck Accident Case?

To prove your injury claim, you need evidence to prove someone else was negligent. This is a complex process, especially since truck accident evidence can be highly technical and in the possession of the trucking company. Seek professional legal help immediately.

What is a Truck Accident Claim Worth?

Every truck accident injury is different, so the value of each claim also varies. Our Lawyer will calculate your damages to determine the value of your claim, including:

Our Charleston Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help

A tractor-trailer accident can be one of your life’s most jarring, terrifying experiences. The horrific impact of a massive truck slamming into your passenger vehicle can cause devastating and often fatal injuries. If you manage to survive the truck crash, you could be overwhelmed with pain, suffering, and medical bills and feel utterly hopeless about the future.

However, our Charleston truck accident lawyers at the Mark C. Tanenbaum, PA specialize in holding truckers and their employers liable for their dangerous actions. For a complimentary legal consultation, call (843) 577-5100 for a free initial or complete our online form. We represent injured clients in all parts of South Carolina including Charleston, Berkeley, Dorchester, and Beaufort counties.