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Pedestrian Accidents

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Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorney Charleston, SC

Auto accidents happen daily in Charleston and the surrounding community. Unfortunately, some incidents involve a motor vehicle slamming into a pedestrian. When a car strikes a pedestrian, shattering, life-changing injuries may occur. If you suffered severe injuries, our Charleston pedestrian accident lawyers at the Mark C. Tanenbaum, PA want to fight for you. Learn more about pedestrian accident claims below, then contact our law office for a free consultation.

What Are The Most Common Pedestrian Injuries?

If a 4,000-pound vehicle hits you in a crosswalk, your body has nothing protecting it from the horrific impact. Our Charleston pedestrian accident Lawyers have represented walkers and bicyclists with the following injuries:

Any of these injuries can have hundreds of thousands or more in medical expenses. How would you pay for your pedestrian injuries if you were out of work for months? Our many personal injury clients know that the lawyers at Mark C. Tanenbaum, PA will advocate tirelessly for you to receive the most compensation.

Where Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen?

Pedestrian accidents happen in many places in the Charleston area. Some of them are the motorist’s fault, but others could be the pedestrian’s. If a driver caused your injuries, you could have a valid personal injury claim. Motorist wrongdoing is often the cause of many pedestrian accidents in these locations:

Your Charleston pedestrian accident lawyer will review your accident details to determine who or what was most likely responsible. This process may involve reviewing police reports, medical records, photos and surveillance video, witness testimony, and reports from accident reconstruction experts.

Why Should I Hire A Charleston Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

If you were hurt in South Carolina as a pedestrian, there’s a good chance you will have expensive injuries. You could have thousands in medical bills and lost earnings, plus the pain and suffering of your injuries. When another party is at fault, there isn’t any reason you should have to pay out-of-pocket for your losses. Some of the compensation our Lawyers can seek should cover:

You can bet that the insurance company will contest your injuries and damage. So, hire the best pedestrian accident lawyer in Charleston to fight for you - the lawyers at Mark C. Tanenbaum, PA. Our office serves all of South Carolina including Charleston, Berkeley, Dorchester, and Beaufort counties.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations?

You don’t have forever to file a personal injury lawsuit in South Carolina. The statute of limitations allows you to file suit within three years of the date of the injury if the claim is against a non-governmental entity or two years if against a governmental entity. So, act fast before the time limit expires!

Speak To Our Charleston Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Did a car hit you recently as a pedestrian? Did you suffer broken bones, cuts, scrapes, and other injuries? South Carolina law entitles you to file a personal injury claim for your medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. The Charleston pedestrian accident Lawyer at the Mark C. Tanenbaum, PA could secure much-needed compensation for your recovery. Call us today at (843) 577-5100 or use our online contact form. Our personal injury lawyers don’t get paid unless we win your case.