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Highway Trucking Accidents

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South Carolina Highway Accident Attorney

Highways and freeways crisscross the state of South Carolina, such as I-26, I-95, and Highway 17. Combine the high rate of speed of vehicles traveling the interstate and the large size and mass of tractor trailers, and the accidents resulting are often nothing less than devastating.

Our lawyers and staff at the Law Office of Mark C. Tanenbaum, P.A., are experienced at handling a wide range of tractor trailer accidents and personal injury cases. In fact, our practice focuses solely on representing injured individuals in seeking compensation for the injuries resulting from a wide range of accidents and incidents.

We understand the complexity of tractor trailer accident cases. By using our network of experts, including investigators, automotive and highway engineers and accident reconstructionists, we are able to create compelling case presentations for judge and jury, explaining how the truck crash happened and who is responsible.

Road Construction

Road construction often plays a role in a tractor trailer accident. In some cases, the truck driver is unable to safely maneuver the truck through a construction zone, creating a dangerous situation for the vehicles surrounding the truck. Large trucks can overturn and jackknife in these zones, colliding with and crushing cars, trucks, and motorcycles, leaving the drivers and passengers in these vehicles severely injured. These types of situations also may result in a fatal trucking accident.

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