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Highway Defects

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Highway Defects & Accidents In Charleston, SC

Defects in the design or construction of a highway can create hazardous conditions and lead to accidents. The Law Office of Mark C. Tanenbaum, P.A., located in Charleston, South Carolina, represents people injured in accidents due to highway defects. Using engineering and survey experts, as well as computer technology, we identify defects in grading, slope, curvature, as well as incline that can lead to improper drainage and buckling. Typically, when a design or construction flaw is present, problems associated with hydroplaning, skidding, poor visibility, and other kinds of impairment often are the result.

If a poorly constructed roadway caused your accident, contact our personal injury lawyers. If you’re unsure of the role played by defective roadway design or construction in your accident, our attorneys can investigate the facts and evaluate the merits of your case. We offer free consultations, representing clients in Charleston, Moncks Corner, Goose Creek, Summerville, Georgetown and throughout South Carolina.

Making Our Roads Safer

Identifying defective highway design and construction not only wins cases for our clients but helps to make our roads safer as well. For instance, in one of our cases, a contractor was hired by the state to repave a 22-mile section of interstate highway. After the project was finished, a number of accidents occurred. Our office successfully represented the families of 13 people who lost their lives (as well as 350 people who were injured) on this stretch of highway.

Our investigation and experts determined that the drainage slope of the highway had mistakenly been taken out of the curves where the accidents had taken place. Our attorneys brought a lawsuit against the contractor and the highway department and obtained fair compensation for our clients. The highway department was forced to revise how it operates in finalizing highway repairs and design. Now, surveys must be completed both before and after road repair projects.

Dedicated to Finding the Truth

As a Charleston personal injury law firm that takes on all types of car accidents, we are dedicated to uncovering the truth. Our attorneys are firmly committed to the principle that the best case is one supported by and founded in real facts. When our investigators and expert witnesses discover evidence and present scientifically based information, there isn’t much the other side can do. We know how to prepare cases and win – it’s what we do best.

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