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Fatal Truck Accidents

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Fatal Truck Accident Lawyer In Charleston, SC

Since tractor trailers are so much larger than nearly every other vehicle on the road, they have the potential to cause devastating accidents. In fact, a substantial number of truck accidents are fatal. These are accidents that leave a family grieving and wondering how the truck accident could have been prevented. Families who have lost someone in a fatal truck accident frequently want to know how the accident could have happened and justice for their loved one.

Located in Charleston, our lawyers at the Law Office of Mark C. Tanenbaum, P.A., are committed to thoroughly investigating and vigorously litigating your wrongful death lawsuit resulting from a fatal truck accident case. Our firm focuses solely on personal injury cases, pursuing compensation for losses and holding negligent individuals responsible for the actions or inaction that caused the injury or fatality.

Locating The Cause Of The Truck Accident

Death can occur in many trucking accidents, often due to the sheer size differences between a semi truck and another type of vehicle. Some of these situations include:

Our attorneys understand that nothing can bring your loved one back. However, we help you seek justice for the death that occurred. We use a network of experts and technology to meticulously investigate the truck accident that led to the death. We look at weather and road conditions, how fast the truck was going and how the truck had been maintained. We use the evidence we gather to build a case to present to a jury, using computer simulation and multi-media when necessary to convey what happened.

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