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Causes Of Trucking Accidents

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Causes Of Trucking Accidents

While common, a trucking accident may be preventable. Many of the causes of trucking accidents can be controlled, creating safer travel for not only the trucks, but the individuals in the vehicles around the trucks. At the Law Office of Mark C. Tanenbaum, P.A., each attorney at our firm is equipped with the knowledge and experience that is necessary to thoroughly investigate trucking accident cases. We use a network of experts and resources to aid us in understanding the accident, how it happened and who is responsible.

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There are many different causes of trucking accidents. Some include:

Trucking accidents often occur from mistakes and negligence committed by the truck driver. Our lawyers examine all the evidence, including driver log books, on-board “black boxes,” cell-phone records and maintenance records. By doing so, it gives our clients every opportunity to recover full and fair compensation.

Building A Powerful Case In Support Of Your Damages

Regardless of the terminology used, whether it is “semi truck,” “tractor trailer,” or “18 wheeler,” trucking accidents cause serious injuries and death. Our firm works to collect all information that is essential to your case and uses it to develop compelling cases to hold the negligent party responsible while seeking compensation for the injuries you have suffered. We handle the personal injury trucking accidents for those injured and file wrongful death claim for those who have lost a family member in a fatal trucking accident.

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