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Dehydration And Malnutrition

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Nursing Home Dehydration And Malnutrition Lawyer In Charleston, SC

Nursing homes are required to care for their patients. When they neglect a resident’s diet, the resident’s health and well-being are threatened.

If your loved one’s diet is being neglected and he or she is suffering from dehydration and malnutrition, contact the Law Office of Mark C. Tanenbaum, P.A. At our office in Charleston, a nursing home dehydration and malnutrition attorney will help you understand your options and hold the nursing home accountable for their negligent behavior.

Nursing Home Responsibilities

Nursing homes are responsible for their patients. They must keep them well fed and hydrated. If they are not eating, they should be investigating the matter and assessing their diet.

Residents sometimes do not want to eat. However, it is the nursing home’s responsibility to monitor the residents to make sure that they are getting the nutrition that they need. There may be need to put in an IV or a feeding tube if necessary.

With more than 40 years of experience handling the full range of nursing home neglect and abuse cases, our lawyers have helped many clients receive compensation for injuries. We can help you determine if the nursing home was negligent and help you to bring a claim against them for not protecting your loved one.

Signs of Nursing Home Dehydration and Malnutrition

It can be difficult to determine if your elderly loved one is dehydrated or malnourished. Symptoms may include:

Dehydration and malnutrition can lead to kidney failure, liver failure or death. If you suspect that your loved one is dehydrated or malnourished, it may be a sign of negligence on the part of the nursing home.

Experienced Attorneys Waiting to Help You

We have a registered nurse who works at our firm. Our network of experts will examine your relative’s medical records to determine if the nursing home took the proper steps and precautions or if their staff had inadequate training. If the nursing home was negligent, we will work for you to get compensation for the harm caused to your loved one.

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