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What Qualifies as a Catastrophic Injury?

If you’ve been injured by another person or entity’s negligence, you face a difficult path forward, but if the injury you suffered is catastrophic, it can be life-altering. Because obtaining fair compensation that adequately covers your complete losses is critical to your ability to recover as fully as possible, working closely with an experienced Berkeley County catastrophic injury attorney is always in your best interest.

The Accident in Question

If the impact of the accident is serious enough, it can lead to a catastrophic injury, but some categories of personal injury claims are more closely associated with these injuries, including:

Other kinds of injury-causing events that are similar to personal injury and can also lead to catastrophic injuries include all the following:

The Characteristics of a Catastrophic Injury in South Carolina

The three characteristics that separate catastrophic injuries from the rest in South Carolina include the following:

The Implications of Catastrophic Injuries

The goal of personal injury claims is to compensate those injured so they can be made whole again. When the injuries sustained, however, are catastrophic, this generally isn’t possible. The victim is likely to require ongoing medical treatment that may include round-the-clock care, suffer immense physical and psychological pain, and potentially not have the capacity to return to work at all. On top of all this, the victim’s relationships with their loved ones can also be seriously affected. In other words, the legal damages – or losses – associated with catastrophic injuries are profound, and settlements or court awards should reflect this fact.

Common Examples of Catastrophic Injuries

The kinds of injuries that often qualify as catastrophic injuries include all the following

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