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What Are Examples of Catastrophic Injuries?

When someone else’s careless, negligent, or intentional actions result in a catastrophic injury, the consequences can be devastating and life-altering. If you or a loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury (SCI), or any kind of catastrophic injury, you can pursue financial compensation for your costly medical expenses, emotional distress, lost earnings, and reduced quality of life, among many other damages.

But what exactly is a catastrophic injury? If you have yet to discuss your case with our Charleston, SC, catastrophic injury lawyers, here’s what you should know about catastrophic injuries.

What Makes An Injury Catastrophic?

While the term catastrophic injury does not have a specific definition in personal injury law, the following injuries are usually considered catastrophic:

Catastrophic injuries aren’t limited to those mentioned above since every case is different and comes with varying circumstances. Put simply, how the individual got injured and how it has affected their life is what determines if an injury is catastrophic. Unfortunately, because catastrophic injuries result in permanent or long-lasting damage, recovery may be impossible or extremely challenging.

How Do Catastrophic Injuries Happen

Catastrophic injuries are unforeseeable and happen unexpectedly, and their causes may include:

Regardless of the cause of your catastrophic injury, you have the legal right to get fully compensated for your injury and all the damages you incurred because of it.

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Personal injury cases that are based on catastrophic injuries often present unique legal and medical challenges, particularly when establishing fault and liability and proving the injured victim’s future and current losses. When you leave your case in the hands of the Charleston, SC, catastrophic injury lawyers of Mark C. Tanenbaum, P.A., we will guide you throughout the entire legal process.

We will do everything we can to secure the financial compensation you and your family need to recover from your financial, emotional, and physical losses. While claims involving catastrophic injuries are immensely difficult to navigate, our lawyers have the experience and resources to handle even the most complex cases.

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