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Accidents and traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury can be a serious condition that often affects sufferers' lives in varied and not always predictable ways. TBI occurs as a result of a violent impact to the body; frequent causes include falls and car accidents.

If you sustained a fall or a car crash, TBI may happen even if your head did not hit any surface. Injury can result if the brain slams against the interior of the skulls, even without an exterior impact. Many TBI symptoms do not show up right away, so it is important to watch for signs and get prompt medical attention.

Severe TBI symptoms

In the case of severe TBI, you may lose consciousness for at least 30 minutes. Other possible symptoms include seizures, severe memory, speech or cognitive impairment, paralysis and even coma. These signs can occur hours to days after the accident. Sufferers of severe TBI can also develop symptoms associated with mild or moderate TBI.

While first responders or emergency room personnel can identify many cases of severe TBI, many other patients go home before serious symptoms begin occurring. Do not assume that because you were discharged home, your diagnosis and treatment is complete.

Mild or moderate TBI symptoms

Mild or moderate TBI usually entails a brief loss of consciousness that some people may not even notice at the time of the accident. In the following days and weeks, symptoms may include headaches, nausea, fatigue, vertigo, forgetfulness, inability to focus, mild speech impairments and mood swings. While any of these symptoms can arise as a result of various conditions, many of which are not serious, in the wake of an accident it pays to be alert to possible TBI. If you notice any of these symptoms, see a physician as soon as possible; be sure to mention your accident.

Even mild TBI symptoms can cause you to miss work, cut hours and even lose your job. They may necessitate long-term treatment and cause physical and emotional distress. An experienced lawyer can evaluate your case and take steps to obtain the legal compensation you may be entitled to.


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