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What caused that semi to swerve and hit your hybrid?

You were lucky. It could have been a head-on collision, but it was bad enough, based on the sad condition of your little hybrid hatchback and the extensive injuries you sustained. It was no doubt a nightmarish experience: The tractor-trailer coming toward you suddenly veered across the center line, and only your quick reflexes saved you from becoming a fatality. Now you just want to recover, go on with your life and learn what you might expect in terms of compensation.

The first order of business is to find out exactly what caused the 18-wheeler to swerve and hit you. Was it an equipment malfunction or was it driver error? Once the cause is known, your attorney will be able to identify the responsible party and your claim will begin to take shape.

Reasons for truck accidents

Large trucks have many parts and a variety of systems that are required for proper operation. If a part breaks down, the result could be catastrophic failure leading to a crash. Driver error, on the other hand, might be the result either of distracted driving or fatigue, since many truck drivers work long hours. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration takes a dim view of a driver calling, texting or emailing and has laid down regulations that severely limit these kinds of activities, but accidents still happen.

Assigning responsibility 

If you were seriously injured in the truck-car accident, the responsible party may be the manufacturer of a defective part, the seller or the mechanic who made faulty repairs to that part. If the accident was the result of a truck driver who was texting or falling asleep at the wheel, the trucking company could be held responsible. Whatever the reason, your attorney will see that your rights are protected and fight to get you all the compensation you deserve as the victim in this unfortunate crash.